One of the easiest ways to decorate our living room and with which we can play with colors, textures, and shapes, is by doing it with decorative cushions.

     As we know, for a long time they have become a key element of decoration in spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms, these, since the arrival of dining rooms with benches. So if you want to give a different touch to your room in a specific season you will need a good decorative cushion, but if you have no idea what style to use, don't worry, this note will surely help you.

     Before choosing any decorative cushion design for your living room you should take into consideration some things, the main one is that you take into account the general decoration style of your house, if it is decorated in a traditional, elegant, rustic style, modern, minimalist, etc. This step is necessary to identify your go to design of cushions that are suitable

     for the space of your home. The traditional style can be distinguished by applications of molding in the environment, usually patterned sofas are used in the living room and textured engravings, etc.

   For this type of room we recommend completely smooth decorative cushions, since the armchair already has special textures and details, if you add more pattern or texture, the decoration will look a bit saturated and exaggerated. That is why decorative cushions do a better role in armchairs or sofas in plain colors and modern designs.

    Another could be the tropical print cushions that are currently the most sought after, and perfect for rooms with a uniform color, if your armchair is brown, gray, yellow, orange or olive, do not hesitate to combine them!

  If your style is modern or contemporary and you want to give an elegant and bold touch to your spaces, without a doubt, gold and silver will be your allies! Keep in mind that gold is a very bright color, so you have to take special care when combining it. The best way to get it right is to opt for neutral tones, otherwise you run the risk of over-saturating the environment. Dare to combine them with almost any color but remember, only in small quantities.

  If you are one of those who prefer bright colors, I recommend that you join the trend of decorating cushions with pompoms along the edges, this will give your cushions a very original touch and add color to your spaces.


 An option that is also widely used in different homes is to assemble sets of cushions that are of the same color range, but are not identical, you can combine textures, different fabrics and different colors but that they look good together, remember not to saturate , Your furniture will set the tone. If your style is modern, this option is perfect for you!

These textures are the most used in more traditional spaces and to give an elegant touch to the living room, as they are beads and 3d shapes. They look beautiful!
Rez Tips COJINES ingles-02.png

  If your room is decorated with too many light colors, I recommend adding touches of color with these accessories, it will look incredible. Perfect for elegant spaces!

  You can get all these cushion designs in department stores in the decoration area, there are always hundreds of designs from which you can find the ideal ones for your home.
  Stay tuned to our social media accounts, because we will soon have the most beautiful and original designs in cushions for you!

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