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How can 
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for my dining table?

Dining room chairs

Are a key piece of furniture for your dining room.  Have you contemplated using them for other rooms in your home? They are such a functional item that can be used in other rooms, as well as additional seats for any visitors!

With the versatility of these chairs, it is important to find the correct combination of chairs for your dining table or to use in other spaces of your home. If you make the right choice, they you can alter the whole concept of your living room without costing a lot of money. Your choice of style and material can mean a totally new style or an updated vibe for your area!

Continue reading these tips and take into account the following aspects when choosing your new dining chairs for your next purchase.

Fabric and color

If your personality is fresh, daring and ahead of the times, it would be a great option to pick trendy colors.

The best start is to choose two different colors for contrast. For example, in a dining room of 6, you would pick 4 plain chairs and 2 patterned chairs.  The choice of patterns and colors could coincide with your room theme, the décor in your room, or a special seasonal theme.


For example:

  • Chairs with Tropical print (leaves, flowers etc.)
  • Chairs with metallic touches on the edge (studs, metallic buttons etc.)
  • Chairs with geometric shapes
  • Chairs with Art-Deco style print
  • Chairs with backs that have leading and original figures or textures.
  • Chairs with a solid color that can be combined with details in the dining room décor. (2 that match and 4 that are totally different.)

Remember that a fabric with a strong pattern could be too busy for the environment of the dining room. Therefore, in a dining room for 6 people, you should limit the number of chairs you pick with a strong pattern.

The placement of the 2 leading chairs could be diagonally facing each other, or from one end of the table to the opposite end.

If you tend to favor more conservative, minimalist or traditional décor styles, the design of the chair will route to curved or totally square backrest.

You can opt for more neutral designs that can be found in textured fabrics and stylized details on the backs and edges. Another option is going with a two-color combo.  An idea would be combining 1 tone that goes with the color of your wall or a color that fits with the color scheme of your home. Keep in mind how important it is to have a dining table that can be versatile.

Choose chairs that make the perfect contrast to the colors of your wall and floor, this technique never fails!

Look for light colors with neutral furniture in light tones, such as:

  • White, beige or light grey chairs.
  • Chairs in light gray tones (perfect for families with small children)
  • Chairs with a gradient color or light tones (sky blue, light yellow, soft pink)
  • Completely light floors and walls, chairs in solid matte color (combination of light tone with dark tone).


You will spend several hours of quality time with family and friends; therefore it is of utmost importance to not sacrifice comfort.

Purchasing a cushioned high density foam seat is perfect for enjoying the dining time with others.

A critical feature in finding the best dining chair is taking into consideration the  backrest. Keep in mind you will spend hours sitting on your dining room chair, consequently, seeking out a model that provides the best comfort to have proper posture is very significant.

Legs and armrests

The legs and armrests are an important feature of a chair to consider when choosing the best model for your needs.  Something as simple as the shape and design of the legs can prove to be important. The thinner the legs lean to a minimalist and contemporary look, while a thicker leg calls to a traditional and rustic style. The same traits can be noticed when looking at the armrests.


There is a plethora of wood types that bare different qualities. If you are looking for a model that stands the test of time, the type of wood you pick should be one that is durable. Finding a chair that is crafted with the best craftsmanship and the highest quality material should be a guarantee you seek. (Remember to check the technical data sheet and the warranty policies on all of your purchases, especially those you purchase online.)

Think about how you can match or differentiate the color of the of wood you use in your pieces of furniture. The dining table, fabrics and design can all come together in a special way when you see the whole set put together.

Now that you have some basic aspects to consider when buying the chairs of your dream, explore and take charge! Remember that your style will make your chair, move along in confidence. If any questions arise, let us help you. Post a photo of your living room here and we will be happy to provide advice to create the PERFECT dining room.

Do not miss our next post, for #rezfurniture we value your opinion, leave us your comments.

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